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An Introduction to Meditation

Linda HallFree Download of Alex Howard’s interview with Linda Hall about meditation.


  • Myths about meditation

  • The reasons why meditation is so important for healing

  • The 3 keys to meditation


Your course really has given me tools and techniques which I can use. I'm now able to step back and smile at things that go wrong. I'm also much more aware of my breathing and I'm starting to notice and correct my breathing which causes a much calmer and more energized me.

You have a lovely gentle approach and make everyone feel special and understood, your words are very powerful and you have a natural ability to express things in a very understandable way. Joanne Dales

What a pleasure it is to do a course where you feel you are getting a massage for your mind, body and soul, the method of teaching meditation is so accessible.  I hadn't realised what a profound effect it would have on my health:  I am sleeping better, have more energy and my cystitis is 95% gone. I have gained in confidence, my ability to observe emotions and not become so attached has increased, and my anxiety has gone. Elaine,  Surrey

My mind became a lot calmer.  I started to really get in touch with how my body was feeling and whether a particular activity was appropriate that day.  The mental tennis over whether or not to do an activity was no longer needed, I just knew what felt right.  The course also allowed me to learn how to support myself and how to find that inner strength when dealing with difficult situations around me.  I used to worry about everything and now I am learning how to go with the flow of life - and it is so much more enjoyable.

The course is has been so much more to me than learning meditation, it has imparted life skills which I find invaluable on a daily basis.  My recovery has definitely been enhanced and I have learnt skills which I will be able to use for the rest of my life."  Teresa Elliot, Warwick

This really is the very best thing I've done (and I've done lot) in the 14 years ME has been in my life.
Anna Barclay, Yorkshire

Linda has a wonderful empathy and understanding, not only of M.E. but of the whole human condition.
Jinny Burrows, Buckinghamshire

Linda has a wealth of experience and combines a variety of techniques and traditions in a way that is deeply healing for those with M.E/CFS etc. Her voice is warm, genuine and nurturing and she offers much down to earth wisdom that you can use on a daily basis.  I also made a good contact and 'buddy' through this course so am even richer for the experience.
Sarena Mason, Somerset


I am able to focus down into my body and become aware what is going on and allow it to be as it is.  What a wonderful thing! I feel really happy.  I am OK with who I am and where I am in my life.  I know that the meditation has put me in a place of peace and contentment. I am looking forward to witnessing all the other benefits that may be heading my way from this daily settling of my mind.Thank you Linda, you have taught me how to meditate as I can and not as I can't.
Pauline McLeod, London

l feel that it is going to be a significant part of my healing journey.  It has helped me get out of the constantly anxious ‘tired but wired’ state I had been trapped in for a while.
Di Good, Sussex

I've finally managed to walk as far as the village post-box for the first time in years... I've been making so many improvements since I started your course, and am so much more relaxed, it's wonderful.
Kate G, Dover

And now for a small miracle.....last Friday I went to Laura Ashley for the first time ever!!
Carole Balfe, Grantham

I am meditating one to two times a day and really miss it when I don’t get to. I feel the meditation techniques have been a huge influence of my recovering rapidly from ME.
Gary Gill, London.

Once again many thanks for your tuition, you create athmosphere where it is really easy to be yourself and learn new skills; skills I can also pass on to others.
Christopher Shorter, Yorkshire

I feel I have learnt new skills and gained a new perspective which is helping me to feel more able to cope with life, to feel more confident and stronger.  It has also helped me to get in touch with myself,  giving me a greater sense of being a whole and integrate person
Richard Kaines, Glos

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely session today.  I found it so helpful, practical wise and supportive.  I could feel my body coming down several notches and that felt such a blessed wonderful relief, the way you taught the grounding was just right for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing the meditation CD, I particularly like the way you talk about using the natural resources around you, I find this tremendously reassuring and supportive
Lucy Saunders, Bristol

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session – I felt so relaxed afterwards and quite surprised to feel energised.  I cannot relax at all at the moment and hence the sleep is back to the odd hour. However, there was certainly an improvement in my sleep last night, and I’ve no doubt it was due to the relaxation at lunchtime.
Also, we had to leave this morning for a 250 round trip to the dentist and I was very stressed by the time we left – consequently the fast driving stressed me even further and I was frightened a panic attack was imminent.  I even thought of asking my husband to turn back for home ... then I remembered what you told us yesterday , so meditated on the connection with earth and actually relaxed myself.  I was thrilled to feel better so thank you so much.  I’ve already learned so much. Looking forward to next week.
Ann Hardwick, Hartlepool

I thought the Meditation CDs were great.  I have been meditating for a few years now but have always found it difficult to quieten my mind, although it has still calmed my system down.  Putting the emphasis on the body rather than a mantra has really helped me over the last few days to achieve a greater level of stillness in my mind.  Thank you.
Teresa Elliot, Warwickshire

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